GlobalGTA accessibility policy
The GlobalGTA website has been designed to be accessible to all web users, irrespective of individual abilities and browser type.
This statement gives information about accessibility features, and levels of conformance to industry standards.
Creating and maintaining an accessible website is an ongoing process so if you notice anything that does not meet accessibility guidelines please contact us.

Getting around the site
You can navigate to any section of our site using the section heading bars across the top of each page. The main sections of the site can be reached via the bar at the bottom of every page. You may also find the arrow keys and page up/page down buttons on your keyboard more useful for getting around the pages if you prefer not to use a mouse.

Standards compliance
All pages on this site conform to the following standards where possible:
- W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Single A - All pages on the site have been reviewed and comply with all priority 1 guidelines to the best of our knowledge
- XHTML 1.0 Transitional - All pages on the site have been validated against the XHTML 1.0 Recommendation
- CSS - All style sheets have been validated using the W3C CSS Validation Service

Supporting browsers
You may find that your accessibility needs can be enhanced by features on your internet browser.