Assessment & Certification

Audit Management
Auditing your suppliers and internal sites of employment can be an effective way to verify information and identify any potential issues.
To help members with this often time consuming and resource heavy process, GlobalGTA offers an Audit Management service.
Our team of GlobalGTA system experts can encourage and support sites throughout the whole audit process – from booking the audit, to uploading and submitting corrective actions – helping you to keep your audit programme on track.
The Audit Management service includes
- Dedicated project management
- Targeted, expert advice & multi-lingual support
- Creation of bespoke communication materials for the project
- Focused, informative webinars to set expectations and prepare the sites for the audit process
- Individual phone calls and e-mails to sites to troubleshoot and offer support throughout the audit process
- Regular reports enabling you to monitor progress and outcomes of the auditing programme, as well as giving you a clear picture of audit issues and how they are being resolved
More information
For more information on our Audit Management service please contact your Account Manager.
Please note that this service is only suitable for A and AB Members.

Supplier Pre-Screening
Getting your suppliers on GlobalGTA is a vital step in helping you to effectively manage your supply chain and gain visibility of any key issues.
However, rolling out your ethical trade programme to all your suppliers at once can be impractical and ineffective, especially for organisations with large and complex supply chains.
Focus your efforts & prioritise resources
The GlobalGTA Pre-Screening Service can help you determine which of your suppliers should be included in your initial supplier engagement programme, allowing you to effectively focus your efforts and prioritise resources.
Using high quality data from global risk experts Maplecroft, we assess your suppliers based on country and product sector to determine a risk rating (low, medium or high) for each supplier. You can then use this information to determine the scope of your supplier engagement programme.
Quality risk data
The GlobalGTA Pre-Screening Service has been developed in partnership with Maplecroft, the leading source of global risk intelligence.
Maplecroft keeps abreast of the latest risk issues and this knowledge is fed back into the Pre-Screening Tool on a regular basis, ensuring that you have the most accurate and up-to-date risk scores.
Supplier Pre-Screening can be purchased as a stand-alone service or as part of a wider package that offers end-to-end supply chain management support.
For more information please contact your Account Manager.

Please note that this service is only suitable for A and AB Members.