GlobalGTA program

Supplier Engagement
Getting your suppliers to join GlobalGTA and upload relevant data is a vital step in helping you to effectively manage your supply chain. Our Supplier Engagement service can help streamline this process, saving you time and money.
Our specialist team will support your suppliers to join GlobalGTA; grant access to you in the GlobalGTA system; and complete the Self Assessment Questionnaire, providing you with increased transparency of your global supply chain.
We offer a range of service levels, which are fully customisable in line with your business requirements and can include extra services such as the communication and signing of Supplier Code of Conducts. One of our Project Managers will work with you to determine the structure of your supply chain and the service option that will best meet your objectives.
Our Supplier Engagement team has unparalleled experience in this area and achieves conversion rates that are significantly higher than the industry standard.
- Improved supply chain data
- Increased transparency of global supply chain
- Greater visibility of risk
- Experienced team & support framework
- Unique support on complex process
- High conversion rate
For more information on our Supplier Engagement service, please contact your Account Manager or email:

Risk Assessment
In order to effectively manage ethical risk in your supply chain, you must first identify where the risks lie.
The GlobalGTA Risk Assessment Tool helps GTA members to manage their supply chain data at a more sophisticated level, by offering enhanced risk mapping, benchmarking and reporting functionality.
What is the  GlobalGTA Risk Assessment Tool?
The Risk Assessment Tool, developed in partnership with global risk experts Maplecroft, enables you to assess the likelihood of an issue occurring within your supply chain. Each site ofemployment is assigned a risk rating of Low, Medium, or High, helping you to identify which sites may need the most support.
The Risk Assessment Tool includes the following features:
- Reporting tool
- Pre-screening tool
- Risk scorecard
- Benchmarking tool
The risk score is calculated using inherent risk (based on country, product area, sector profile and site function) and management proficiency risk (based on data from the Self Assessment Questionnaire) – the combined overall risk is based on a combination of these two scores.
Risk intelligence
The Risk Assessment Tool draws on Maplecroft intelligence to deliver in-depth analysis. This intelligence covers hundreds of risk indices, using thousands of indicators. Maplecroft keeps abreast of the latest risk issues and this knowledge is fed back into the Risk Assessment Tool on a regular basis, ensuring that you have the most up to date risk scores.
What does the risk score mean?
The Risk Assessment Tool allows you to identify the likelihood of risk occurring in your supply chain – how you interpret that potential risk is down to you. The Tool will help you to understand where that potential risk is located so that you can engage with your sites/suppliers to mitigate the risk as effectively as possible.
For more information on our customised reporting services please contact your Account Manager.
Please note that customised reporting is only suitable for A and AB members