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Code of Conduct Acceptance
Supplier Code of Conduct Acceptance Programme
Communicating standards via a Supplier Code of Conduct and keeping your suppliers informed of any changes is essential to developing and maintaining support for your responsible sourcing programme.
To help you manage this process and track supplier responses GlobalGTA offers a Supplier Code of Conduct Acceptance Programme.

What does the programme cover?
• Mutually agreed time scales
• Supplier Code of Conduct sent to the correct supplier contact
• Follow up communication and reminder e-mails sent to suppliers
• A bespoke report developed specifically for your company, to include responses and acceptances from suppliers
• A project review meeting at the end of the project to discuss results

What are the benefits?
• Reduced administration
• More efficient use of the GlobalGTA system
• Accurate tracking of Supplier Code of Conduct acceptances
• Detailed insight into supplier responses and questions regarding the Supplier Code of Conduct
• Swift responses sent to your suppliers, acknowledging their responses to the project communications
• Manage large volumes of supplier communications centrally via one bespoke tracking report

More information
For more information on the GlobalGTA Code of Conduct Acceptance Programme please contact your Account Manager.
Please note that this service is only suitable for A and AB Members